Rodrigo E. Santos Legaspi

Scholarship Year: 2021

Rodrigo E. Santos Legaspi is from El Paso, Texas and is a second-year master’s degree student at the Clinton School of Public Service. Legaspi earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of Texas at El Paso in 2020, where he made the Dean’s list. While at UTEP, he held positions of Speaker of the House and Legislative Affairs Representative in the Student Government Association.

Legaspi recently finished an international public service project where he conducted best practice research for Gammadda, a Sri Lankan organization working to improve the education system and make it more efficient. As a Graduate Student Researcher at the Central Arkansas Library System, Legaspi conducted public-opinion surveys on homelessness, hunger and poverty across six counties in Central Arkansas. He also has presidential campaign experience, working as a Human Resources Intern at Biden for President in 2020, and as a Latino Outreach Intern at Hillary for America in 2016.

Legaspi is fluent in English and Spanish, and has conversational language skills in German and French. He has volunteer experience at the UTEP food pantry.